Walla Walla Colleges

You've probably heard of Walla Walla, Washington. The community is well-known, but seldom discovered. Perhaps the fame is due to the uniqueness name "Walla Walla" or the world famous onions, but did you know that Walla Walla is also a major center for higher education?

Both Walla Walla Community College and Whitman College are located within the city and just 3 miles away you can find Walla Walla University. Pretty impressive for a city of 32,000 tucked away in the South East corner of Washington State! With more than 7,300 students attending the 3 schools, you might say that Walla Walla is the ultimate college town! These aren't just any schools!

Walla Walla Community College was just named one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation.  The school offers more than 4200 students a large range of Associate of Arts degrees, community education courses and extensive online course offerings that will help most anyone in the community move ahead with their careers. WWCC also offers extensive training in Spanish and environmental studies. 

Whitman College is one of the premier liberal arts colleges in America.  With nearly 1500 students from 45 states and 30 nations, the college blends solid academics with northwest culture and a great emphasis on community involvement. 

Offering 45 majors and cooperative programs with many nationally known colleges and universities, Whitman provides each student with great opportunities to begin rewarding careers in their field of study. Perhaps that's why the college has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation.

You can't talk about Whitman without mentioning its campus life.  Students here love the great northwest outdoors culture.  The unmistakable landmark of the Whitman campus is their large rock climbing wall.  Every spring the climbing wall becomes the center of attention when students participate in the Sweet Onion Crank rock climbing competition.

Whitman provides students with a unique opportunity to combine love for outdoors activities with solid academics and fun.  The campus is close to the Columbia River and many school activities are interwoven with river outings. It's just one more thing that gives the Whitman College community its unique flavor and sense of balance. 

Walla Walla University is a Seventh Day Adventist university that offers its nearly 1800 students more than 100 areas of studies on the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Founded in 1892, the university has students on campus from around the world.  WWU also has a school of nursing in Portland, Oregon and graduate centers in Social Work in Missoula and Billings, Montana. 

Students enjoy a spacious 55 acre campus in College Place, Washington, just 3 miles from Walla Walla.  40 percent of students live on campus with the balance commuting from the surrounding area.  Students at WWU benefit from the other colleges in the area as well as Walla Walla's extensive arts community. Like the other area colleges, WWU offers its students many opportunities to grow outside the classroom.  The university boasts many clubs including: backpacking, Computer Science, Music, Paintball, Theology cycling, and hockey. 

If you are planning to further your education, Walla Walla, Washington may be one of the most diverse campus communities in the country!  You are sure to find a major just up your alley at one of the three area colleges and universities. We would love to show you around our town and find the perfect Walla Walla real estate for you. Whether you are buying or selling we can help make your transaction smooth and easy. Contact us anytime! lwb@lwbrealtors.com