Information for Sellers

Who do you want marketing your home?

Put a sign out in front and an ad in the local paper... that will sell my house!

Well, maybe....
Is the market hot? It is a seller's market? Do you live on a very busy street that sees a lot of comuters everyday for good exposure?

Not sure?      A good agent does.
A good real estate agent from LWB REALTORS® will not only put a familiar real estate sign up in front of your home, but also expose your home on the local listing website that is seen by literally THOUSANDS of other real estate agents, several of which could be perfect for your home. If you read the buyer's information, you would have learned that a lot of people are using buyer's agents to find their home and not spending hours of their own time cycling through papers or online to find the home. They know that it costs nothing to buy a home with a buyer's agent, so why wouldn't they let that agent do all the work in finding a home. By listing your home with one of our trusting LWB realtors,  you can be sure that not only will your home get exposure to thousands of other agents but that within our own office, there may be the agent holding the right buyer. If you simply stick a "for sale by owner" sign out front, not only may you get bombarded by other agents begging to sell your home, but you may get all the wrong exposure.  If you choose to list with an agent, you can be assured that no other agent can solicite you while you are under contract and that only potential buyers or their agents will contact you with questions pertaining to the sale of your home.

IF you need to sell a home in the Walla Walla County real estate market, trust the reliable agents at LWB REALTORS® to assist in that transaction and market your home using the most effective tools available.

There are a few tips that would help make your sale go even faster. Scan throug this list to make sure YOU are doing everything in YOUR power to help you house SELL!!

               Without a doubt, a visually appealing house will attract buyers, who can't help but respond to the look and "feel" of a home. Take time to carefully prepare for showings. Don't forget the following:

  • Cut the grass
  • Remove any clutter from the yard
  • Trim hedges
  • Weed gardens
  • Wash steps, windows, railings, doors, etc
  • Paint if needed
  • Remove unnecessary clutter from garages

             Buyers will notice details. Get rid of the clutter, repair leaky faucets, wage war on dust and clean until your home shines. Small things can make a potential buyer walk away. When you prepare your house for showing, remember to:

  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean tubs, toilets and showers and hang fresh towels
  • Oil squeaky doors
  • Fix things like broken hinges and light switches 

             Extra things you may not have thought of:

  • Get a neighbor to give you their honest oppinion
  • What does the house smell like? Pleasing or "what is that smell??"
  • Keep lights on when you know people are visiting
  • Leave the house to let the buyer not feel closed in an uncomfortable

Stay unemotional during negotiations.   Selling your home can be emotionally charged, but don't let that stand in the way of making a deal. Have a business-like attitude during the process.

For Tips and Ideas on the proper way to pack, check out our tips.

If you would like a free analysis on what your home may be worth or would like to make an appointment with any one of our trusted agents please contact us anytime. Check out our partner in 1031 Tax Exchanges and their great article on reverse exchanges.

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