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Do you have a Buyer's Agent?
What? You don't know what a buyer's agent is?

 When someone decides it is time to sell their home, choose an agent either that they have known in the past or decide from different companies to determine which one is best for them. They want someone who will represent them, be honest and forthwright with them, and someone they feel will do an effective job at marketing their home.
 However, when someone decides to buy a home, they usually end up with whatever agent happens to be on call or whoever answers the phone. Why don't homebuyers search for a buyer's agent the same way that home sellers do?
 Did you know that it costs nothing for homebuyers to use a buyer's agent? Their commission is based solely upon the seller of the home. That commission is usually split between the listing agent and the selling agent
But does this really make a difference?

  • Listing Agents and Selling Agents
     You see, there are two "sides" to every sale. The listing side and the selling side. Most deals have an agent representing each side, so there are generally two agents involved The seller's side is represented by the listing agent. The buyer's side is represented by the selling agent (also known as the buyer's agent).
     Agents can deal with both buyers and sellers, but the majority tend to focus their efforts on one or the other. Ususally this is whoever came in contact with the agent first is who has top priority to confidnetiality. Some agents exclusively handle either buyers or sellers. As you can see that having an agent soley on your side, looking out for your best interest and not just the seller of the home, really makes much more sound sense. LWB Realtors has many buyer's agents as well as listing agents. 
     So what should you do?
     We simply recommend that you take as much care to hire a real estate agent as you would for any other professional. Ask questions. Ask about education, experience, and focus. Our agents at LWB REALTORS® will be confident in handling your questions and every real estate transaction in the Walla Walla County real estate market.
     After all, buying your next house is probably the biggest purchase you've ever made in your life. Does it make more sense to find your agent by accident...or by design? Call us today to be connected with a trusting agent to help handle all your Walla Walla real estate needs.

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