Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market Opens!

Starting on May 1 (May Day) The Walla Walla Valley Farmer's Market opens walla walla valley farmers marketback up in full swing. Now through October 30, 2011 Every Saturday and Sunday the farmers market will be brimming with the local and latest fair from the folks right in the valley.

Located at 4th and Main behind City Hall, the Walla Walla Valley Farmers market has been around for years offering locals and visitors alike fresh produce, fruit, locally grown meat and dairy, hand made clothes and trinkets and fresh breads and pastries. There are new venders every year and more and more local farms are brining in their bounty as the spring turns into summer.

Don't forget to bring your canvas bag to collect some of the first harvests of the year with fresh spinach, lettuce, spring onions and garlic. Soon the peas will arive and with them the local strawberries and fruit. Then in the fall our orchards bring forth the bounty of our valley with apples, peaches, pears and more.

Bringing farms to family is what the Walla Walla Valley Farmer's market is all about. Shop local and ask the venders for some of their favorite recipes with their hand picked ingredients. Try some of the freshest cheese around and feel healthy all over when you feed your family our grass fed beef and organic chickens and eggs.

There is nothing quite like a farmer's market on a weekend morning to bring a smile to your face. Don't forget to bring the kiddos for their honey stick. Sometimes you may even get to see the bees hard at work in their hive collecting the honey you spread on your morning toast.

For more information visit the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market Website or just contact us below. We love this area and buy and sell Walla Walla real estate all year long.

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