7 Seller Mistakes

If you are currently listing your home, take note as to what NOT to do. Here are some mistakes many seller's make when listing their Walla Walla real estate.

1- Thinking your home is the exception -It's easy to be emotionally attached to your home, especially if you've lived there a long time. But don't let this mask the realities of today's real estate market. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and compare to what is in the market now. That will require a painful decision: to price the property at or below comparable homes in the area, even if the price point is less than what you think your home is worth. Overpricing a home because of an emotional attachment only makes selling it that much more difficult.

2 -  Not knowing your competition -  This is a reason many sellers price their home too high. They simply are unaware of the market. To sell your home, it's essential to have a firm knowledge on the conditions in your area. Sellers should study the pricing trends and sales data in their local market. This is only half the battle as to really know your competition is to shop your competition. Tour model homes, open houses and such to know what other buyers are really looking at and buying.

3 - Not checking your agent's references -  An effective, experienced real-estate agent can be a big help in selling your home in today's sluggish market. But finding such a broker may not be easy. You can't simply list a home on the MLS or online to sell it. It takes a seasoned, skilled agent to market to other agents that have buyers ready to buy. To ensure you're doing business with a solid real-estate professional, contact some of his or her previous clients and ask about their experience.

4 - Not Staging the home properly -  Since buyers have many options these days, home sellers need to ensure that their property is in tip-top condition for showings. That means making any and all home repairs, ensuring that the indoor and outdoor portions of the property are immaculate, and removing clutter. Check out Before you List for more tips.

5 - Hanging around at showings -  It's important for the sellers to be away from the home during open houses, as their presence can be uncomfortable to potential buyers. You can't assume that you are the best person to sell your home. It gives the buyers an uneasy feeling, and that is the feeling that they will take away from the house.

6 - Taking the contract and negotiations personally -  The negotiation process can be tough on sellers, as buyers may demand concessions such as price reductions or help with closing costs. As frustrating as it can be, it's important that sellers consider them just another part of a business transaction. It not always about you. If you were the buyer, you would also try and negotiate the best deal.

7 - Scoffing at some offers -  Even if you aren't crazy about a buyer's offer, don't dismiss it out of hand. Even if it's a low ball offer, you may need to negotiate. It may be the only one you get. If you ignore it maybe those people that really want the home and will negotiate for your terms in the end.

 For more information on listing your Walla Walla home or to speak to an agent please contact us anytime. We are happy to discuss your options and to answer your real estate questions.