Curb Appeal

How Curb Appeal can Make or Break the Sale

Sometimes all buyers see is the outside of the home. They usually know within a minute if they want to venture any further into the home. What sellers need to do is create an outside environment that will draw buyers in to want to see more and ultimately make an offer.

The initial picture of the home can make buyers want to see more or simply pass the home by. Buyers should feel drawn to the home by the colors, cleanliness and neatness of the house and it's surroundings.

Make sure the lawn is it's absolute green! Buyers don't want to see brown or yellow spots, or dried up brown grass. Make sure its lush and recently mowed for a clean look. Make sure all the borders are neatly trimmed and edged properly.

Choose flowers that compliment the color of the home and stand out against it. Sometimes all of one color makes a dramatic statement and can draw the eye in to look longer. Make sure there are no large trees or shrubs taking up valuable house space or blocking any windows. If there is too much overgrowth, it can distract from the home itself.

The House Itself: Make sure the home is updated with its paint color. People don't want bright or offensive colors. Clean up any flaking trim or peeling paint. Make sure windows and screens are clean and any repairs are taken care of.

The following video is some tips from DIY to help with curb appeal. Please visit our website often for more valuable tips and articles. Give us a call anytime for all Walla Walla homes and real estate.